I’ve worked with CRW Investigations on countless cases over the years and Investigator Wylie is undoubtedly the best I’ve worked with.  He understands how the government builds cases and he’s got a very good sense for tactics and what is relevant to the defense.  Whether he’s tracking down and obtaining information from hostile witnesses or finding evidence that police have overlooked, his investigative work has been crucial in winning cases at trial as well as convincing the government to dismiss cases prior to trial.  He is very efficient and impressively committed to clients and their cause.  He is as good as you will find in the New England area.
David Leon, Esq.

I have only used CRW Investigations for all my investigative needs, whether it is a District Court OUI/DUI to a Superior Court case ranging from a multi-count rape, armed home invasion, firearms or narcotics cases. Investigator Wylie was instrumental in obtaining acquittals in all of these cases.

His investigative skills are outstanding and simply unparalleled.
Ian Davis, Esq.

I contacted CRW Investigations to see if they could locate a high school friend that I lost touch with in 1976. All I had to give them was a name and her last known address. Well, to my surprise ! I was notified by my lost friend a week later. She stated that CRW Investigations was reaching out to her on my behalf.

We are now best friends again and will never lose touch in the future.
Thank you !

I called CRW Investigations to see if he could document a crime scene by video and interview numerous witnesses known and unknown on an armed robbery case. He not only acted quickly and thoroughly, but he kept me updated on a daily basis. His skills and ability to talk to witnesses is remarkable. Thanks for your help in achieving the Not Guilty verdict.

J.K. Esq.

CRW is my number one choice for all my investigation needs.  The service is timely, on point and distinguished in quality.  CRW wins out over its competition because it understands the undying issue instead of just doing tasks off a checklist.  In addition, I appreciate that the owner, Detective Wylie, understands my causes and takes my cases very seriously.  CRW’s work has helped me win against almost hopeless odds in criminal defense; track down crucial individuals in MA and beyond; discover details in million dollar deals that helped the clients save hundreds of thousands and expose one con-artist in a home improvement scam, protecting a vulnerable family from imminent harm.  I look forward to a great relationship for years to come.

Yue Zheng, Esq.